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Introduction to the Course

Thank you for enrolling in the California Sustainable Winegrowing Ambassador Course.

How to Complete this Course

This course begins with background information on California wine, then is divided into three main modules focused on sustainable viticulture, sustainable winemaking and sustainable communities.

You can complete the entire course by clicking through the navigation at the bottom of each screen using the green buttons. Navigation on the left side allows you to track your progress through the course. You must read all lessons before progressing to the course test. You may logout and return to the lessons and/or test at any time.

Individuals scoring at least 21 of the 25 questions correctly will be able to download a personalized California Sustainable Winegrowing Ambassador Certificate.

Topics Covered

California Wine

Sustainable Winegrowing

Sustainable Viticulture

  • Viticulture & Pest Management
  • Soil Health & Biodiversity
  • Vineyard Energy & Water

Sustainable Winemaking

  • Winery Energy
  • Winery Water
  • Winery Solid Waste & Environmentally Preferable Purchasing  

Employees & Communities

  • Employees & Sustainability
  • Neighbors, Communities, Philanthropy & Tourism